Enter birthdays of both parents and a baby and see if formula correctly shows the sex of a child.



Formula cannot convincingly determine the gender of a baby for given dates
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Boy! Or Girl! This page lets you check the accuracy of this Baby Gender Predictor by using your and your partner birthdays and birthdays of your kids, your friends and their kids, yourself and your parents etc.

Please note that sometimes formula cannot convincingly determine the gender of a baby.

If you are planning to have a baby and need help in Selecting Baby Gender, use Baby Gender Predictor. It might help you to choose a month of conception to influence the gender of your child.

Check Chinese Gender Predictor

Have fun choosing your baby's gender but remember that this Gender Prediction calculator is provided for entertainment purposes only, and I make no claims as to its accuracy. It's just for fun. But amusingly enough, it works!? baby smile