Sex Selection

Sex selection The Ericsson method, IVF/PGD technique, Timing methods, Sperm sorting. Ethical concerns, Demographic concerns, History and folk beliefs, Legality.

Deciding Baby's Sex Can diet, timing, and changing body chemistry really determine the sex of your baby?

Choosing your baby's sex: What the scientists say Article discusses high-tech sex-selection techniques such as PGD, Microsort and Ericsson(based on IVF and AI) and also "At home techniques" such as Shettles method, Whelan method and Sex-selection kits. It talks about effectiveness, how it's done, proc, cons, cost and availability of each of these gender-selection methods. The bottom line is that choosing the sex of your child is technically possible but today's sex-selection options aren't equally effective, affordable, or available.

Gender Selection, PGD Gender Selection and Microsort - Gender Selection Overview. Reasons for Gender Selection. Methods for Gender Selection, Notes for Patients Considering Microsort.

Gender Selection Guide The Straight Truth About Gender Selection. That is a pretty amazing recourse. I believe it covers absolutely everything about Gender selection. Extensive information on Natural and Medical Gender Selection methods, Gender Determination Products/Tests/Kits, surveys, forums, news and much more.

Ethical Considerations

I was not sure were to address it.. probably should do it here..

I am getting some interesting mostly amusing but sometimes nearly hateful emails, calling gender selection as dehumanizing, "offering" many arguments against it and trying to initiate a discussion. To all of you sorry for not replying... but, for those who are ethically concerned, here is my view on gender selection. Gender selection is becoming more and more practiced and advertised around the world... But what is Gender Selection? So many questions! Is it your basic right or crime against humanity? Will it open possibility of an unbalanced sex ratio or will it open the door for balancing the family by choosing a girl after two boys, or the contrary? Will it aggravate gender discrimination within societies were gender biases already present or will it create an increase in the value of women in those societies and result in them being treated better by males? Will it interfere with nature or will it help her by preventing so called X-linked diseases, e.g. Hemophilia, Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy, and Fragile X-syndrome? The fact that, worldwide, there are estimated 100 million missing women as the result of gender selection is simply frightening! This is a valid issue and should be addressed by those cultures, where a preference for male children is expressed for obvious "social" reasons. Sexist gender stereotypes should not dictate who is born. In Western countries this problem does not exist. The reverse appears to be true. There seems to be a preference for a girl. So, I believe, the problem is not with sex selection but rather with the social contexts in which it happens. If there is no obvious cultural preference for boys or girls and both genders are equal, no government regulation are needed and gender selection becomes just a matter of family balancing, free choice, prevention of X-linked diseases and ... it becomes a matter of your personal ethical choice.

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